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CPE: Now It Gets Interesting!

I guess I needed a some time to reflect upon yesterday's Seminar Day with my CPE group.  

Everyone seemed glad to be back together after our Thanksgiving break.  I know I was.  The day started out innocently enough.  Some playful banter ensued.  Then we got into our group work.  We started by reviewing the bible study group one person had led.  Murmuring in some tents began because the leader has strong (even strict) beliefs about what it means to be a "Christian".  Okay.  Next?  Then the preview of someone else's worship opportunity - another bible study - evoked some very favorable feedback for that leader.  As a result, there were strong emotions beginning to percolate within the group.  Out of respect to my group, I can't share too much here.  Citing "honoring our time", the Supervisor stepped in to interrupt this interaction and call for a break.  Some thought he may have felt it necessary to "rescue" one person who was having difficulty sharing her reactions to the first person's content and belief statements.

Later during our Inter-Personal Relations (IPR) "group" time, another person tried to respond back to the first individual regarding their own feelings.  As part of that interaction, I tried to mediate by asking the first person to respond about the feelings they felt as someone offered them some direct feedback.  Unfortunately, they instead chose to defend their position rather than speak of their feelings.  They acknowledged having felt 'that' before, however we never heard or knew what 'that' was.  Again, the situation was interrupted in the interest of honoring time.  It was another rescue.  Hmmmmmm.

Lastly, the afternoon had us explore two visits via verbatims.  The second presentation by the other male in our group was a visit with a male resident at the other Goodwin House (Alexandria).  As we received copies of his write-up, I saw the initials of the person and floor visited and then scanned the entire verbatim.  I quickly figured the visit was with someone I know.  The primary reason I'm at Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads is a good number of church friends and acquaintances live at the Alexandria House.  I was considering asking our Supervisor to read the second part in the verbatim.  I was concerned I could not objectivity evaluate my group-mate's ability to connect with and be a chaplain to this person.  But before I knew it, we had started.  As I read, I realized I was 'catching up' on this friend of mine.  From what I knew about his present circumstances, some assessments  from the group of this visit seemed to miss the mark.  I should admit they missed what I thought the mark was, or should be.  Other than to say a connection (of sorts) was made, and that I thought my group-mate was received by the resident as the chaplain, I offered nothing else.  I was reluctant to say anything more.  I think my Supervisor was disappointed in me.  Since I have supervision with him Monday morning, I'm quite sure we will discuss it then.  Anyway, i wish I'd asked someone else to read in my place.  

Next week we start Mid-Term Evaluations.  We are to evaluate describing how we see ourselves, and how we feel others in the group see us, during the first half of this extended CPE Unit.  Our descriptions should use a biblical/animal/story character as part of these peer-to-peer reviews.  We also rate our progress on individual learning goals.  Furthermore, we describe and evaluate our role in the group, and what we are learning about ourselves in relationship to our peers and supervisor.  There's more to it, but that's the gist of it.  Oh yeah, we have to present these evaluations verbally in the group.  Oh boy!  

Yep!  CPE!  Now it starts getting interesting!  Please pray for us.  I'm just a little concerned how some in the group will handle giving and getting this type of feedback.