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Ocular Acuity

In my eyes, sight is probably the most important sense I use. That's not to knock hearing, feeling, smelling or tasting.  But it is easier to get around and to do a number of different things because I can see.  Maybe that's why I consider myself a visible person.  One of those "show-me, let-me-see-how-that-works" type guy.  So I like puzzles or activities that require an acute use of vision.  There is a challenge in the weekly Washington Post Magazine called "Second Glance".  You are challenged to find a specific number of differences between an original photograph and a second copy of the same photo that has been altered.  The degree of difficulty ranges from moderate through advanced to extreme.  I've come close but have never found all the things by myself.  Usually Chrissie is here to help and between the two of us, we have had some success meeting the 'glance' challenge.  This week's puzzle was advanced, and I managed to find 11 of the twelve.  Actually I 'think' I found all of them but I didn't count the last one because I questioned it when I saw it.  Turns out it was the last elusive difference.  Oh well.  There will be a new challenge next week.  Bring it on!