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Un-friggin-believable Golf!

Well, I guess Live Journal 'ate' my post from yesterday after Tiger Woods amazed everyone taking the lead in the U.S. Open.

I had reflected on all the talk about how Tiger's game was going to go to pot after he'd become a  father.  Then there were doubters as he decided to come back to play now 2-months post surgery on his left knee.  I was even so bold as to proclaim Woods would win his 65th PGA Tour victory and 14th major championship today on - of all days - Father's Day.

Okay.  I was wrong.  I admit it.  Sorry. 

He'll have to win it tomorrow.  Tiger birdied the final hole in dramatic fashion to force an 18-hole playoff vs. Rocco Mediate.

It's a school day and I'll get to see some, but not all of it.