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It's Okay To Say 'No'

This morning, I said 'No' to The Rector.  It can be done, people!  It has to be okay to say "No".  Of course, my negative response was to a kind offer to walk green pastures and chase after little white balls hit all over God's half acre.  It's not a case of wanting to say "No"; I just had to do it.

I have now seen all four classes (yes, they all came in - YAY!) and the reading assigments/work load that come with them.  I'm gonna be one busy camper!  But they all look to be interesting, even fun, and I'm looking forward to it.  A former work colleague called this morning; I told her I was happy my time management and activity planning skills were getting dusted off and put back to work.  And the disciple to do them, too!

So I'm psyched!  Two Religion courses (A Survey of the OT and The Life & Teachings of Jesus [NT/mainly the Synoptic Gospels]), Sociology and Psychology.  All the professors/instructors seem interested in what they're teaching, which is great.  I'll need their enthusiasm to get through this.