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Jesus Is Stripped

I committed to writing a Stations of the Cross meditation for our observance of Good Friday at Grace Church.   

I selected Station X (10) - "Jesus is stripped of his garments".  I am not quite sure why I picked this particular Station.  Others that might have felt safer to consider were taken.  Maybe it is that this discernment journey I walk sometimes feels like I am carefully sloughing off layers, slowly shedding things with a gentle tug that pulls away stuff I have come to rely on for comfort or protection.  There is no ripping or stripping ... yet.  And while it has been interesting, it has not been excruciatingly painful. 

Words like "unclothed" and "vulnerable", "revealed" and "bare", or "raw" circled me today as I walked my 4-legged friends.  Thoughts of "the frailty of humanity" and the "strength of the Almighty" began to dance with one another.  Then came some of those familiar images:  Betrayed, Arrested, Denied, Mocked, Condemned, Beaten, Flogged, Handed Over, and being Ridiculed.  Finally Jesus stands at Calvary, stripped of his robe, laid bare to the soldiers, the mob and the world who need and want him dead.  

I know how it ends.  It is still a difficult Station.  It is hard to see and hear it, hard to write about, hard to live with it.  

O Lord, help me.