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Noting A Wonderful Weekend

Recently I was introduced to Ignatius Loyola's practice of Noting.  Ignatius was a 16th century Basque courtier-soldier who, while recuperating from a near fatal injury, entered into a period of conversion and discernment by noticing things happening around and within him.  As part of his life's journey, Ignatius wrote a process retreat manual called the Spiritual Exercises, founded the religious order called the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), and developed an approach to living into a Christian life through Ignatian Spirituality.  While I bask in the afterglow of a wonderful weekend, I take "note" of some things from it:

o  I had never driven someone's ashes to the cemetery in my car; it provided me one last visit with Al. 

o  I appreciate folks who do wonderful things for our young people;  I usually benefit just as much from their generosity.

o  What fun watching Mother A. field theological questions from Rite-13ers; she said there are "freaky things" in the Bible.

o  Due to my inability to correctly set my alarm clock, I had some "very early" but special quiet time for Morning Prayer.

o  I will always prefer our bed at home over an egg-shell mat and sleeping bag on the hard floor of a church auditorium.

o  20-minute power naps really do work.

o  Old-fashion Hymn Sings (and ice cream socials) are a wonderful opportunity for community and fellowship.  

o  Hymn 328 - Draw Nigh and take the Body of the Lord - will be one Communion Hymn at any significant service of my life.

o  How special was the "Bang, Zoom go the Fireworks" of a 'Nats victory (over the Os) with a god-daughter who loves baseball.

o  My Grace Church parish family is truly loving and life-giving.  I cannot thank God enough for each and every one of them. 

o  Finally, gathering over meals with good friends is the best!