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A Chance Meeting!

I was driving home this morning when I saw a distinguished gentleman getting out his car and walking into the church.  I sped up to and through the roundabout driveway and back to the parking lot in hopes that I might catch him before he met with the Rector.  However, a cell phone call detained me a few moments.  When I walked up to the Rector's office, I found they had already sat down, but the door was still open.  Should I?  I tapped on the door frame, and as Bob+ turned to me, I said "I'd seen a purple-shirted gentleman as I drove by, and just hoped I could stop in to say 'hello'".  The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston, the new Bishop Coadjutor of The Diocese of Virginia, was paying a visit to Grace Church.  Bob+ welcomed me in, introductions were made, and I was invited to sit.  I really only wanted to extend a "Welcome to Grace Church", but quickly, it was shared I was a former 2x Sr. Warden, and that I'm in the formal discernment pipeline, considering seminary, and had just started CPE.  The eyes of the Bishop were upon me!  The Bishop said CPE could be a very fruitful experience (or not).  I mentioned I was soliciting memories from both my father and father-in-law (VTS, '77), and that I was drafting CPE Learning Goals to review with my supervisor later today.  A bit embarrassed that I had intruded, I quickly offered my thanks and excused myself.    

Nothing like trying to get some face-time with a Bishop who may figure in decisions about if, how and where you exercise ministry at some point in the future.  He be with us at Grace Church for the Easter Vigil next year.  I must remember to tell our music director that I'm willing to sing the Exsultet again (if he'll have me).  No pressure.

Okay, back to CPE work.