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A Little Piece of Me

Week One of clinical visits plus group work is now in the books.  Yesterday's seminar day was very interesting.  I may elaborate later.

For my first full week, I tried to go slow and not jump in "with both feet".  Sampled some things, observed some others.  But I did manage time in the Health Care Community, and have become accustom to seeing one gentleman every day.  He's delightful and he keeps me in check.  I'm beginning to work some "muscles" I haven't used much in a while - the "reading muscle" which I've admitted previously is very weak, the "planning muscle" which is getting work now even as I type, and the "slowing down and being present" muscle.  One other muscle I have to working is focusing on being a student and not a teacher.  Maybe something on that later as well.

But one really satisfying thing from this past week is that with the change in eating and activity, I have lost 7 pounds!  Yes, be jealous all you want - it is easier for men.  But I've been sweating a lot this past week (quite literally as well as figuratively), eating less (and better), and have been less stationary and more mobile.  I feel great!   Some clothes that were tight last week aren't now, and even my blood sugar is in a much better place.  WOO HOO!  Thank You, God!