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It Is What It Is (Or It Isn't)

It just goes to show you - what you see, or what you think, may not be how or what it truly is.

While driving over to GHBC this morning, there was a driver in front of me wearing a hat, perhaps a Stetson.  It appeared to be a rather large hat, almost huge in size.  I began to wonder how that person could turn their head or shift in their seat without that hat pushing up into the roof of the car, and thereby down onto their head.  Most people, including me, would remove their hat in the car ( except when riding in a convertible with the top down).

As I got closer to this car with the driver wearing this hat, I realized it was not a hat.  It was the driver-side front sun shade flipped down.  At this point in the commute, the sun was not in front of us, but rather was behind us.  The sun visor, if needed earlier, was no longer necessary now.  I would have flipped it up to have a more full and open field of vision before me.  But that's just me.

What I thought was a hat was not a hat at all.  It was a subtle reminder to me that things are not always as they seem.  Assumptions are how we think about things based on observation and learned experiences.  There was no blinding sun.  I would have flipped the sun shade back up into place.  Therefore it must be a hat!

A good thing to consider - to keep my eyes open (and my heart available).  You never know just what exactly is up the road!