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Would You Like To Say A Prayer?

When I saw her, I had just left a patient who was not well at all and sadly, my presence had seemed to agitate him.  When I left his room, I asked the nurse of the wing for his chart to better understand his circumstances, only to realize a chaplain not wearing a yarmulke may have not been welcome due to his Jewish heritage.  I really must take some time to read charts before making a visit.  There's much too much information for me to ever try to read, and much of it I could never understand, however there are bits and pieces that are helpful.   

She had been walking the hall when we saw one another.  We had met and visited last week, so I was happy she remembered me.  This time, in fact, she invited me to join her, so we sat in the commons areas of the 2nd Floor Health Care community to visit.  Her husband had died recently, and his service at their church is this weekend.  When asked how she was doing, she said she would be glad to have the week over, and the funeral behind her.  She even suggested our visits might be more enjoyable afterward.  She was beginning to repeat things I had learned from our first visit, and I grew concerned she I was tiring her.  I was beginning to conclude our visit when it happened.     

"Would you like to say a prayer?" 

I didn't ask the question of her.  She asked me.

Yes!  I was so very glad she asked.  I wish I had offered to pray with her without needing to be prompted.  I was aware of her faith background,  In fact, I learned during this visit that their church had been her church first and that she brought her husband into it.  Anyway, this would be the first time I prayed with someone at GHBC.  So we took one another's hand and had a quiet prayer.  I don't remember it much at all.  I hope (and pray) that means the prayer did not come from me, but rather that the Spirit moved through me.  (Remembering prayers for future verbatims is suggested so I'm not sure how I'll manage that).  As we finished, she said "Thank you, that was a lovely prayer".  

Only through God's Grace.  Thank you, Lord.