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Thursdays Will Rock!

November is sneaking up on us, complete with some concert opportunities that rock!
                              The original Van Halen logo from the David Lee Roth era
First, VAN HALEN is at the Verizon Center next Thursday, November 1.  When I saw David "Diamond Dave" Lee Roth was re-uniting with the Van Halen brothers, Eddie & Alex, for a hard rock, heavy metal tour, I really wanted to see them.  Then I heard that Eddie's 16-year old son, Wolfgang, would be stand in for the deposed Michael Anthony to round out this rocking quartet and play bass.  I HAD to see them!  (How cool for this teenager to be on tour with his dad's band; It's good Eddie has cleaned up his act).  And these guys really rock!  Yes, I'm probably dating myself when I tell you I bought their first album on 8-track tape!  This should be totally awesome.  Also, the Rocker Chicks and the Cool Dudes will reunite to rock on once more!  WOO HOO! 
Then a week later, it's CASTING CROWNS Thursday, November 8th at the Patriots Center.  This group offers decidely different music - call it Contemporary Christian Music or Christian Pop Rock.  Whatever it is, I like it.  Mark Hall is a wonderful storyteller and he brings scripture alive for people, yound and old alike, through his music writing.  I have my niece Shannon to thank for introducing me to them.  So Shans & I, her mother and a player yet to be named (since Thursday concerts two weeks in a row really crimps Chrissie's evening class schedule) will take in this concert.  It will be awesome also!  WOO HOO too!