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A Major Butt Whuppin'

You gotta play to win.

This sound byte is commonly used when someone feels good about some numbers to play in the lottery.  However, you can apply it elsewhere.  Like to NFL games.  Not that the Washington Redskins could say that.  Not today anyway.  Not after the butt whuppin' they received at the hands of the New England Patriots.  Long before kickoff today, I'd said I liked our defense against their offense, but that our offense would have to score plenty of points to be on the right end of the score.  Seems like none of that happened today.  It was pretty sad.  Just think of the time I'm saving now by not watching post-game reports on cable and late night news, or by not reading tomorrow's sports page.  I watched the whole game and endured it, thankfully, with good friends to helped me keep this all in perspective.  The less than able team was totally dominated by the more than capable team.  The Redskins "picked a bad day to have a bad day".  There will be absolutely no bragging about this team this week around the water coolers at work.  Just keep your head down, and quietly place your burgundy n' gold attire back in your hamper.  We got spanked.

But we live to play another day.  Next week, it's the New York Jets in the Meadowlands.

My ego is bruised, and me thinks my butt is just a tad bit sore. Ouch!