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Taking The High Road

We're trying to put that pitiful loss to the Patriots behind us... if the media will let us.  But talk continues about whether or not New England purposefully ran up the score on the 'Skins.  Most of our players have taken the high road, and the coaches too.  At least publicly.  My opinion is just one among many (and we all know the saying "opinions are like a certain part of your anatomy.... everyone has one!").  Anyway, my opinion is the Patriots were playing very good and sound football, and the Redskins could do nothing, absolutely NUTHIN" to stop them (and even more sad, could do little if anything to get themselves started).  Washington needed to "man up, get some backbone, show some pride, and stop them" if they wanted the numbers to stop rolling higher and higher on the Patriots' side of the scoreboard.  Anyway, it's time to lay it down, put it aside, and move on.  We play the NY Jets in Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands.  Please remember to pay your respects to Mr. Hoffa in the NE corner of the end-zone.  Hail to the Washington Redskins!