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Halloween Fun

I like to stay home for meet trick or treaters and give out candy on Halloween.  To look at our streets, you would realize this neighborhood really gets into this holiday.  Of course, we have a ton of kids on our street alone.  But it is great fun, and I enjoy seeing the different costumes from year to year.  Sometimes I even recognize some of the younger ones as they grow up.  There was a time when our family and friends would bring their kids over to our neighborhood to work our streets while we hosted an open house for the adults.  As most of those kids have now grown up, we don't do that anymore.  But handing out treats is fun for me.  This year, there were several different kids dressed as Buzz Lightyear, the figures of Death or the terrorizing character from the Scream movies, Capt. Jack Sparrow, princesses and fairies, Shrek, Elmo, Power Rangers, Ninjas; one kid was even bold enough to wear a Santana Moss Redskins jersey .  There also was Peter Parker/Spiderman - the kid was smart enough to wear the costume without the hood.  My favorite visitor though was a sultry whench (our goddaughter) who had left her pirate boyfriend in the car.  Some children were too frightened to come to the door because they heard the dogs barking, so I would step out to meet them on the walkway.  It was Gibbs' first Halloween, and Mulligan would be just as happy if it were his last.  Most everyone who came to the door made a point to enjoy the football jack-o-lantern my brother-in-law had found for us (Thank you, Rod).  There were even a few "Hail to the Redskins" or Go Redskins" comments from folks who obviously know us.  Anyway, being home tonight seemed like more fun than going to choir practice.  Hey, look Charlie Brown, it's the Great Pumpkin!  I hope everyone had a good and safe Happy Halloween!!