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I'm Lucky To Be Alive

Certainly this is true.  Its as true now as it was at about 2:28 p.m. EST this afternoon as I crossed Jefferson Davis Highway at Franklin Street. 

My light had turned green.  The traffic to the right coming north from the Beltway had stopped; even a car in the right turn lane actually stopped and didn't cruise through the Red light, trying to beat the crossing traffic.  I started to pull out into the intersection and heard a car horn.  As I looked to my left, I stared into the grill of an oncoming car (which had Maryland tags) moving fast in the left-hand lane south toward the beltway construction.  I think I actually ducked my head as I floored it, hoping I would move out of the way in time.  Thankfully I did, and as I looked in the rear view mirror, I watched the station wagon sail on through without so much as hitting the breaks.  

As I slowly and oh so carefully drove on to get to my next dog walk, I felt like it was extremely dangerous in any amount of traffic, and that I had to watch EVERYONE!!!!  Once I got to Lexi's house, I completed my Litany of "... Thank You, Lord... Thank You, Lord... Thank You, Lord".  I then sat and caught my breath and wondered how it was that I did not just become a traffic accident statistic, or worse, a roadway casualty.  I have heard that our life flashes before our eyes at the moment before we meet our Maker.  There was no instant highlight reel, no cinematic climatic that played out "This Was Your Life".  I am really not making light of the situation - I have lost way too many friends already who died in tragic car accidents.  But there was a flash.  I choose to believe one of my guardian angels took one on the chin for me today.  "Thank You, Lord!" 

Dear Friends, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!  Please take care, please take the time, as much as it requires, to get safely from Point A to Point B.  I realize the meager readership of this blog does not represent the masses that need to hear this.  But I care about you, any of you, all of you.  Please Go Slow!  Remember to Look Both Ways.  Nothing, NOTHING, is so important or urgent that we should to put ourselves or one another in unnecessary danger or peril.  Slow is the Way to Go!  Please Slow Down.  

"Thank You, Lord!"  Almighty Father, your Seeking Servant prays for guidance.  Amen.


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Apr. 4th, 2007 09:17 pm (UTC)
I have shot of one of my "arrow prayers" to God thanking Him for protecting you in your near miss on the road. He isn't through with you yet ! There is still more that He wants you to do.
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