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They's Gamblin' In Them Thar Hills

Today I wandered up to Assisted Living and was quickly drawn into the afternoon's petty larceny activity called B-I-N-G-O.  Paula, the activities coordinator saw me in the hallway and motioned for me to step in.  At least four of the five women playing have attended the Bible Study that Fr. John+ leads on Mondays just before lunch.  Three of those four were at this week's Bible Study that I led on Job 19 (I know that My Redeemer Lives!).  After being welcomed, I was invited to play but politely declined.  Paula then encouraged me to "call" a game.  I thought, "Well, I've seen it done in movies and on TV - I guess I can do that" (B - 14, B One Four; N-43, N Four Three).  What a riot!  I had fun!  I can honestly say that isn't something I've ever done before.  We had two simultaneous winners in the game I called (in fact, the same two who had won the last game as I walked in).  Several times the ladies asked if I was going to call the cops on them.  Since their "gambling" amounted to winning pairs of warm socks, tubes of hand cream, bottles of Purell hand sanitizer, and leftover Halloween candy, I assured them all that the police had "bigger fish to fry".  It was great fun to be there, and I think I managed to hold my own in wise-cracking back and forth with them - all appropriately, mind you.  Paula gave me a copy of the Events Calendar for November with an invitation to come back any time.  She even suggested I could do something for Advent.  (Ideas? Ideas?)  I said I would consider it.  I am glad I wandered up and in.  Like Jesus ministering along the way, I had gone to the third floor to visit and maybe pray rather than to kibitz and play.  But playing was lots of fun!  When asked if I would bill them for my time, I said, "No, my services come free of charge.  Free, like God's Grace.  Freely Given".  Leave 'em wanting more, right?  That's how I roll.

Thank you, Lord.