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God Is Laughing At Me

First a "Shout Out" - Happy 49th Birthday, Brian David Porter!  I love ya, buddy!

So I woke and got up at 6AM today.  I quickly did a mental inventory of things to do before leaving for GHBC - earlier today, hopefully no later than 8AM since I was to assist in Chapel at 9 this morning:

      Trash & Recycle - gathered and out to the curb   CHECK
      Garment bag - to transport my alb to GHBC for chapel   CHECK
      Dogs Outside - to romp around before I had to leave   CHECK
      Shower, Shave and Dress   CHECK
      Breakfast - Weight Watcher bagel w/ light cream cheese, and coffee   CHECK
      Pack Car - garment bag, satchel & coat   CHECK
      Check eMail - nothing important   CHECK

I guess I was feeling a bit too pleased with myself, for that is when God started laughing.

First, my coffee cup dripped, catching my shirt on my front right-hand side.  My usually dependable and reliable Redskins travel cup had failed me.  Perhaps I knew it would.  Maybe the cup itself took offense as I started leaned toward the center of the car, trying to exercise caution because I was wearing a white shirt.  Then it dripped on me!  AARRGGHH!!

Then, searching for my sunglasses as I drove down Quaker Lane to the Shirlington interchange, I found some teriyaki beef jerky I had left in the driver side pocket of the car.  YUMMY!!  It was a bit brittle, but it tasted good.... until I hit what felt like a small hard piece of gristle.  Being wary I might break a tooth, I carefully fished the hard morsel from my mouth.... only to find it was a tooth fragment.  I looked at it carefully while I rolled my tongue - CRAP!!  There it is!  I had broken a lower right molar that had a filling from a long-time-ago cavity.  Guess I'm not waiting for my scheduled dentist appointment next Tuesday.  Yes God, I do hear you laughing.  QUIT IT!!

What had been a good, orderly and efficient start to my day was quickly slipping into the crapper in an ugly state of disarray.  As I managed to sneak in front of a school bus preparing to stop and collect a huge gaggle of children, I'd hoped things were turning for the better.  But in the parking "cage" for GHBC, I was gathering up my things from the trunk of my car.  Every loose leaf in the trunk seemed attracted to a large magnet - my jacket!  DAMN!  Then as I picked up my satchel from the ground, I snapped off the luggage name tag - a Compass Tag from a previous J2A Pilgrimage.  God?  You can stop now!  Really!

As I walked in, my CPE Supervisor who had ridden in on the same shuttle as me stopped to ask how I was.

"God is laughing at me."

"Oh?  I don't know if that's good or bad."

"Well, it feels bad, but I guess it could be good."

Then, as I checked with another of the Staff chaplains regarding chapel, I mentioned I had brought my alb if he would like me to vest and... well, the Litany was all he wanted me to do... as a congregant... like Prayers of the People.  "Vesting might be appropriate if you were reading the lessons, or when you offer the homily".  Okay, I guess I had it in my own mind that I would assist him in the Eucharist as a Lay Eucharistic Minister.  I was wrong.  OK.  It was then that God's laughing felt like it diminished into a chuckle.  Okay God, I think I get it.