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Keeping Me On My Toes In More Ways Than One

In today's Bible Study, Fr. John+ invited me to lead with little word or warning ahead of time.  

Make that No Word or Warning ahead of time.  

"David, I don't know if this will take anything away from what you are planning for your Wednesday activity, but I wonder if you would like to lead today's study using the method you prefer in your parish setting?"  UHHHHH.  "You're going to throw me in the brier patch?  Okay, sure.  No pressure".  The reading John+ had selected was the OT lesson appointed for Thanksgiving Day - Deut_8:1-3,6-10,17-20.  While he read from his bulletin insert copy, I quickly opened my Student Bible to mark the verses.  After the reading, I briefly explained the study method I like (The African Model of Reflection) and the three questions to consider while hearing the same scripture read three times (1-A Word or Phrase?; 2-How is this passage speaking to you in your life today?; and 3-From what was shared and heard, how is God calling me to be or change this coming week?).  

We made our way through 2/3 of the reading, with wonderful interaction and some incredibly direct honesty.  I'm pretty sure both Fr. John+ and I were more than a little taken aback by one person who said the environment they live in now is "seductive".  They stated everything is done for them, and they lack for nothing.  While some may want that level of care offered, this person hoped they didn't need it just yet.  They spoke of being raised in a hard sea-faring tradition, with a grandmother who did much for others, but also made time for herself to tend to bushes of lovely yellow roses in her backyard.  This resident concluded saying their challenge each day is "Where are my roses?".  That was pretty frank and forthright stuff right there.  I admired this person for their self-awareness to fight being lulled into premature dependency or early obscurity.

The Lesson of the Day today was "Keeping me on my toes".  In more ways than one.  Thank you, Lord.