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God's Minute for November Twentieth

Here's today's scripture reference and prayer for November 20th in "God's Minute", a book published in 1916 containing 365 daily prayers sixty seconds long for home worship "by the most eminent preachers and laymen in the English speaking world":  

But it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light.--Zech. 14:7.

We speak to Thee, O Lord our Father, not as aliens and strangers, but as chilren of the household.  Thou hast given unto us many and priceless tokens of Thy Favor.  We have felt the touch of Thy hand upon our head and the joy of Thy benediction in our heart.  Cause Thy face to shine upon the dark places through which we may be called to pass this day and may the clouds be lifted; or, if the darkness be better for us according to Thy wisdom and Thy will, then be Thy promises a glorious beacon and Thy fidelity a star, and may we be made to feel that it is better to hold on to Thy hand in the dark than to walk alone in the light.  If we are not all that thou dost intend us to be; if we are not in harmony with Thee; if we want for ourselves, and not for others; if our service be the hollow service of habit or the shallow service of display, show us how we are disappointing Thee, and starving ourselves, and robbing our fellows, and putting far off the one divine event toward which the whole creation moves, the kingdom of God in human hearts and the union of man in the bonds of righteousness and peace.  Especially regard the unsaved.  Those who touch us on every side, whose hearts are kept back from Thee.  May our lives be so clean and so true that God's cause may ever have a witness and an evangel in the influence we daily exert.  Amen.

John H. Willey, Ph.D., S.T.D.,
Pittsburgh, Penna.