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Freedom From Want

Today I led a large group activity in the commons area on the Assisted Living Floor at Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads. The topic was Thanksgiving Reminiscing.  As a starter, I brought copies of the Norman Rockwell classic "Freedom From Want" to pass around.  Everyone appeared familiar with this image, nodding and saying 'Yes".  I figured we would have some fun.  I brought along some questions to help keep the discussion lively.  And lively it was!  After the first question, my list was no longer necessary.  We moved along pretty easily as the stories were told and memories were shared.  Here's my list.  I invite you to offer one or more of your own answers to any/all of these questions.

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?
What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
What is your favorite food? Vegetable? Desert?
White meat or dark meat?
Jellied or whole berry cranberry sauce?
Stuffing inside the bird or outside?
Do you like pumpkin pie? How do you like it?
What’s special traditional food was found on your table?
What did you do with the leftovers from your meal?
Did you use special china?
Who carved your turkey?
What time did you sit to eat? Was it Supper or Dinner?
Was football part of your Thanksgiving Day? Maybe Radio?
Most memorable Thanksgiving? Why?
A funny thing that happened during Thanksgiving was?
Have any of you celebrated Thanksgiving in another country?
What are you thankful for today?

Here, I'll begin:  I am thankful for my bride, Chrissie.  She is the "heart of my heart" and "the love of my life".  We have enjoyed a magnificent journey so far in our life together, and it only gets better and better with each new day.  Because of her presence in my life, and her willingness to share her life with me, God has made thanksgiving a daily sentiment for me.  

Thank you, O Lord, for the manifold blessings you bestow upon us.  May we always be grateful and truly thankful.   

Best Wishes for a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!