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Sean Taylor Shot

I was in the chair, with a dental hygienist cleaning my teeth when she said, "Did you hear that?  A Redskins player has been shot".  My initial reaction was "I hope it wasn't an angry fan".  My dentist, who is a big Redskins fan (not like me, but ...) hadn't heard anything about it when I mentioned it to him.  I called Chrissie as I drove home.  She told me Sean Taylor had been shot at his home in Miami early this morning, and that he was listed in critical condition.  The circumstances of the shooting sound suspicious at best.  An attempted robbery?  A botched burglary?  A previous incident the weekend before?  Little information has been released throughout the day at the family's request.  The news from Redskins Park sounds ominous.  News outlets report the femoral artery in his groin had been severed by a bullet, resulting in a massive loss of blood, and that Taylor remains unconscious.  Possible brain damage?  This sounds very bad indeed.  Not good at all.  Sean Taylor is a special talent, and by all accounts has been getting his life in proper order.  While bad judgment may have plagued him in the past, there were only good things before him now.  He and his girlfriend have an 18-month old daughter.  That he may never play football again is not important right now.  That he lives is critical.  Please pray for God's mercy and that Sean Taylor's life may be saved.   


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Nov. 27th, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
So I think it's pretty clear now why Joe Gibbs was called back to coach this team. All this time we thought it was for wins and championships - it wasnt. It was because he's the guy you want with this team at this awful time. -Jeffy
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