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The Connectedness Of Thy Church

Amidst all the trouble and turmoil being experienced in The Episcopal Church, and specifically in The Diocese of Virginia, there is a wonderful connectedness in our Church.  By that, I mean, I am happy and glad when I can join together with others of our faith to be reminded of that communion of which we all are a part.  Last night, I attended the second of four Leadership Forums with the Bishops of Virginia and a good number of parishes from the Northern Virginia region.  It was mostly a Listening event - we heard from all three Bishops; the Bishops and diocesan staff present listened to the collective 'us'; and there was fellowship too.

The really nice part for me was to reconnect with people:  folks from St. Christopher's, Springfield VA where I grew up, and more recently served as a test "seeker" and committee member on a Parish Discernment Committee; several people with whom I had served on Cursillo teams, including one musician, one priest and one Bishop; acquaintances from VTS Evening Lay School classes; and priests and deacons who I had worshiped with, served with, and known at Grace.  I also sat next to the Chaplain of the other Goodwin House (Alexandria).  Lastly, I personally greeted each of the three Bishops individually.  Thankfully, our newest Bishop (and Coadjutor), Shannon Johnston, is assuming responsibility for the priests and deacons in the diocese, including the seminary.  We had met previously as I began CPE at Goodwin House.  I was happy to report to him my experience thus far has been "fruitful".

While there are things and conditions that grab headlines and cost money to address, there is much that is good and faithful about our Church.  I am glad to be a part of it, to live it, to worship as one with others, and to be called to service for it.  May God Almighty watch over all of us, to guide and direct us in mission and ministry, to guard and protect us in the time of trial, to challenge us to move out of complacency, to strengthen us in our time of weakness, to comfort us in time of sorrow, and to immensely and continually bless us all.