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Random Dots: A Few Days In The Life Of...

It's not like me to let a few days go by without rambling about something.  But then, I have been finishing my 3rd Verbatim and Mid-Unit Evaluation for CPE, meeting interesting new people, ministering to some others (hopefully) and just contemplating where I am in life and where it might be leading.  So in no particular order, I'll capture some random things from the past several days:

   o   It's been a tough almost two weeks with tragedy of Sean Taylor's death and the aftermath.  It by no means is 'over', but the Redskins have tried to play two games amidst all this heartache.  Some joy was felt when they beat the Chicago Bears Thursday night 24-16, but it was cold.  The second time I've ever left a game early because I was beginning to lose sensation in my feet.  That's bad for a diabetic (Type II).  Turns out I wasn't the only one in my party who's feet were becoming blocks of ice.

   o   Chrissie & I visited a friend who is dying.  We're grateful he is at home, and surrounded by those who love him, and whom he adores. We are thankful for him.  I hope to visit again later today.  When it is time, may God's holy angels lift him up and deliver him to that heavenly kingdom "where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting". Peace be with you, friend.

   o   It was an interesting Seminar Day for CPE yesterday.  We started with a worship review of a bible study that grew into something greater.  Two Verbatims were presented (not me, thankfully) which were  good.  We covered some didactic material re: Family Systems (Friedman for those who work in those circles), and then began Mid-Unit Evaluations in the afternoon following lunch.  An interesting exercise.  In it, we share about how we perceive our group-mates see us, using a biblical/animal/story character.  Some fun imagery was offered with reasoning behind it.  I'd purposefully laid low, ready to present, but wanting to give others a chance to step out (it's a growing edge for me).  I'm on tap next week.  More on that later.

   o   We drove to Richmond last night for a Holiday Gala concert at VCU.  One of our nephews plays french horn in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble.  I didn't mind the drive down and back because it gave Chrissie & me time to be alone together.  It has been a long few days for both of us.  We enjoyed some really wonderful music, with an especially interesting piece from the Jazz Orchestra II based on a traditional Hasidic melody.  I sat there with eyes closed, contemplating the Jewish tradition of the Festival of Lights for Hanukkah.   The evening's concert ended with a sing-a-long which was fun and delightful, and it really started to bring the spirit of Christmas into my heart.  I am grateful for that. 

Well, it's time to clean house.  We have friends coming into town who are staying overnight with us.  Peace be with you all.