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A Dancing Heart In Heaven

Our friend and a friend to many others, Warren, slipped the mortal bonds of this earthly realm earlier today and was received "into the blessed rest of everlasting peace, and into the glorious company of the saints of light".  I was glad to hear his passing was peaceful for him and those around him.  He had told me just the other day he was 'ready'.  If I ever knew Warren, I feel right in saying he probably danced his way into heaven.  In fact, I'm pretty sure of it.  In Songs of Praise, Number 18 is "The Dancing Heart".  We sang this song during Cursillo weekends and at church ultreyas.  I remember a time in our life together when this was one of Warren's most favorite songs.  Often times, we were outright silly, dancing around like goofy folk, filled by the Spirit of the Lord.  During song breaks, we would call out requests by their numbers.  18!  18!!  

"Oh, the Holy Ghost will set your feet a-dancing.  The Holy Ghost will thrill you through and through.  The Holy Ghost will set your feet a-dancing, and set your heart a-dancing too."

As I drove home today, I remembered when I danced with Warren.  I sang and danced in the car.  And it set my heart a-dancing too!  God love ya, Warren.  I love ya too!  Peace.