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God's Minute: December Thirteenth

I finally completed my bi-weekly reflection for CPE late last night (tardy just a few days).  Before I jump into completing my mid-unit Evaluation that I present in group tomorrow, and really get cracking on my sermon for next weekend (Advent IV), I had to pause to share this "minute" with you:

Watch and pray.--Mark 13:33.

O God, Lord of Heaven and earth, the builder up of the universe, Thou art the rock of our salvation, unchanging in holiness and loving kindness.  We lift up our hearts unto Thee; we know that Thou carest for us and hearest us.  Lord Jesus, Thou art the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Son of David.  Thou didst come and share our life, teaching, healing, tasting death on the cross as a sin-bearer, triumphing over evil, and pledging Thyself to come again in glory.  Bless all dear to us; lead them in the way everlasting; be with them and us in all times of suffering, sorrow and anxiety (especially * * *).  We thank Thee for the Gospel message, and for the Bible, which is the record of what Thou hast said and done in the past, and of what Thou hast promised for the future.  May it be to us increasingly the guide to life, the key to history, and the revelation of hope.  Help us to do our share in spreading the knowledge of it throughout the world.  Look with pity on Thy scattered people Israel.  Open their eyes to see the truths contained in their own Scriptures, and to recognize the Lord Jesus as their Prince and their Saviour.  We offer these our prayers and praises in the name of our King, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Rev. Canon R. B. Girdlestone, M.A.,
Wimbledon, England