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Holiday Trivia Courtesy of West Winds

West Winds is the weekly newsletter for Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads.  When I walk in the beginning of each new week, I grab the latest edition from the Front Desk and descend to the CPE Student's office on the ground floor of the building.  I'm tucked away in a corner by the IT guys (but the computer lab is nearby).  I generally familiarize myself with keys activities on the various floors to see what days and times represent my best opportunities for visits.

In this week's edition, there's a bit of Holiday Trivia I found interesting.  I'd forgotten exactly where I'd read this, and was reminded by an article in today's washingtonpost.  But preparing to clear my desktop for the week, I found the article.  "The Druids believed mistletoe fell from heaven and grew nto a tree that sprang from Earth.  Mistletoe thus represented the joining of heaven and earth, and God's reconciliation with mankind.  A kiss under mistletoe symbolized acceptance and reconciliation".

Just in case you didn't already know that.... I didn't.