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5 Things

Thank you, Eleanor, for the inspiration of this format:

1)  In CPE, we completed the last five (out of seven) Mid-Unit Evaluations yesterday, and survived.  I was second to last.  One didn't think my image of being Peter was best for me because sinfulness and worthiness are not a concern in their eyes.  All but one seemed to feel the images I came up re: how I believe they perceive me were fair assessments; the one dissenter accepted my explanation for the image, but didn't understand the character I chose (and I couldn't explain it to their satisfaction).  My Supervisor took exception with one word I used in my description of his and my relationship. (Could make for an interesting supervisory meeting Monday).  But the rest went okay.

2)  When I got home Friday afternoon, a salesman came by to talk to us about new doors for the front and the back of the house.  This is a home improvement project we had put off until Tobias "the homewrecker" was no longer walk among us.  Chrissie will finally get the red front door she has always wanted, but sadly we have to wait a bit.  It's okay.  We've waited this long, right?

3)  I'm with Eleanor.  One of the things I'll miss about Warren Niles Low is the way that man could whistle.  His Requiem is this morning.  I told our Director of Music/Organist the other night it would be most fitting to have someone who can whistle really well like Warren to lead us out to the columbarium whistling some appropriate tune.  Alas, the organ will have to do, buyt I'll be whistling (not very well) under my breath.

4)  Looks like we're in for sketchy weather coming in tonight and tomorrow.  I like snow, but hate ice.  In this instance, rain is just fine.

5)  Yikes!  Ten days until Christmas!?  Thankfully, after signing paperwork and putting down the deposit for the new doors, Chrissie agreed when I looked at her and said, "Merry Christmas, sweetheart!".  Our Christmas will be of the stocking stuffer variety.  Very nice!