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Water Into Wine

I had to chuckle today when I saw the sign post in front of Westminster Presbyterian Church on Cameron Mills Road:

                               'From H2O To Gallo'

Obviously a reference to Christ's first miracle at a wedding in Cana when Jesus changed water to wine.  Read about it in John 2: 1-11.

It was also an affirmation of sorts to me about a premarital preparation seminar Chrissie & I are developing for our parish at Grace Church, Alexandria.  We've recently uncovered the file of stuff we have accumulated over the past 24+ years.  If we get this going, besides augmenting our own clergy's counsel of couples readying for Holy Matrimony, we would hope to extend it to other Alexandria churches in Region lV, and ultimately, to the Diocese of Virginia.

The working title for this seminar is "Water Into Wine:  Taking the Ordinary into the Extraordinary". 

More to come.  Peace.