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Seattle: The Season-Ending Saga

I wonder if some will try to make something of the 21 point deficit at the end of the game?  Even in this final losing effort of the Redskins's 2007 football campaign, was Sean Taylor's spirit guiding this team?  Washington lost their Wild Card match-up vs. the Seattle Seahawks 35-14.

I feared that what carried them through the final four victories was three parts adrenaline and two parts luck.  At some point, one or the other was bound to run out.  Neither one is something you can expect to carry you too far too long.  I think that both of them abandoned the Skins after a missed chip shot of a field goal.  I am not hanging this loss on Shawn Suisham's right foot.  I am not.  But it was then that I began to feel it start slipping away.  

My Redskins were noble.  They were proud.  And they were determined.  But tonight, I cannot say they were the same team we saw the last four weeks of the regular season.  I am sad the season ended this way today.  But as a fan, I am content.  It is enough.  They done good.

I hope and pray that every person in the Washington Redskins organization will now be able to deal well with both the success of and tragedy associated of this season.  Let them sorrow over the loss of their friend and teammate.  Let them all heal from their injuries and infirmities.  Let them appreciate what they accomplished.  Let them return again, determined to offer their very best.  Me too.  I'll be back.  Just wait til next year.

Please continue to pray for the family and friends of Sean Taylor.  They need our prayers now more than ever.  

Hail to the Washington Redskins!