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I'm A Gladiator Geeky-Boy

It's back, bigger and better than ever!  It's American Gladiator!  WOO HOO!

Gone (thankfully) are Larry Csonka and Mike Adamle, replaced by Hulk Hogan, the former WWE Champion many times over (those huge python arms of his are totally amazing) and Laila Ali, the current undefeated Super Middleweight Boxing Champion of the world (she should have won "Dancing With The Stars").  I've grown up a Hulka-maniac, and Laila Ali won me over pretty quickly. 

Of the Gladiators themselves, I quickly identified my personal favorites and the ones I will root against every time.  My Favorites include Crush (yes, she's one of the women) and Militia (the least annoying of all the men).  The Gladiators I hope fall every time are Fury (a woman, I think) and Wolf (gheesh, buddy - find a razor and get rid of the howl, you jerk!).

Some of the physical challenges from the original series have been carried forwarda and updated a little.  I myself would love to try Assault and Joust.  The event I care for the least is the Pyramid.  Of the new challenges they've added, I think I like Hit and Run best - it reminds me of an event from Extreme Challenge (a farsical version of Gladiator found on Spike TV).

American Gladiators is back!  I'm not entirely sure it really makes for good prime-time TV (not!), but I'll watch when I can.