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The Man Has Done Enough

I was not really suprised about the news Joe Gibbs decided to resign as Head Coach and Team President of the Washington Redskins.  Especially after this season, with all its highs and lows, the senseless tragedy of the shooting death of Sean Taylor, and then that wonderfully inspired late season run to earn a post-season playoff berth.  What more could any of us possibly ask of this man?  What exactly is it we need him to do?  Many thought he'd already done it.  I suggest to you that NOW he has done it all.  He need not do anything more for us.  This man has done enough.  Joe Jackson Gibbs will always have the most special of all places in Washington football lore and our Redskins family.  He is already in the NFL Hall of Fame.  I defy anyone.. ANYONE...  to suggest his legacy has been tarnished by this second stint as Head Coach.  Fooeey!  Ridiculous!!  Absurd!!!  Get out of town!!!!  Coach Gibbs has his own family.  And by all accounts, he is needed there now more than he is needed here in Washington.  I let him go.  I have said my thanksgivings for him, and I bid him a safe journey and a good life back in Charlotte with my very best wishes and prayers.  He continues to inspire me.  I have never actually met Joe Gibbs.  But I hope I do.  Some day.  Some day.

Thank you, Coach Gibbs!  May God bless you and all those you love this day and forever more.  Amen.