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Can You Say 'Canton'?

It's that time again.  It's the middle of January.

Seventeen finalists were named for possible induction into Professional Football's Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.

Three of the 17 are Redskins.  A lineman.  A wide receiver.  And a cornerback.

Russ Grimm.  Art Monk.  Darrell Green.  All deserving of the recognition and honor.

One has been a finalist the past four years (Monk).  Long overdue in my humble opinion.

Another has been a finalist the past three years (Grimm).  Certainly deserving, but so is Big Jake (Jacoby).

And the last is a finalist in his first year of eligibility (Green).  If he's not in, it's criminal!

The final voting will be conducted February 2 (the day before Super Bowl XLII.

Surely one Redskin will be among the four to seven members of the Class of 2008, right?

Can you say 'Canton'?  Yeah, I thought you could. Let's hope, shall we?  Professional Football's