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I'd gone into today's Bible Study to focus on Jesus beginning to preach and the calling of the first disciples.  And while it began that way, one of the residents joined us late to give us 'the lesson of the day'.  

V is a woman at GHBC who lives on the Assisted Living (3rd) Floor.  She is blind, and often moves along the hallway alone using chair rails and door jams to determine where she is and how much further she needs to go.  She goes along at her own pace, and often by herself.  Today, she was not in the lounge when I arrived, and I had not seen her in the hallway.  I sat down with three other women, and we began to look at Matthew 4:12-23.  We had skipped over the first part of the scripture, and were beginning to share stories of call in each others' lives when V emerged at the door.  When I acknowledged her, she was embarrassed that she was interrupting.  When one of the women urged me to help her to a chair, I rose and did so.  But perhaps too hastily.

As we prepared to wrap up, V lamented that some people are not properly trained to assist the blind.  I suddenly feared I'd been too preoccupied with trying to get her seated that I had offended her.  She recounted other instances where people had grabbed her from the side or behind to 'move her along', and that when she objected to their form of assistance, she was abandoned in the middle of the hallway.  V had no bearings as to where she'd been left, or where she needed to go.  She talked about how scary it can be for her.  And she thought others felt she was too prideful to accept their offers of assistance.

That became the Lesson of the Day.  As I approached V to seek her forgiveness, she assured me I had not offended.  Something had happened earlier today that put her in a bad place.  When I asked if I could help her to the dining room, she accepted.  I had done this several times before, and every time afterward she was more than grateful.  This time, one of the other residents provided me guidance as to a way V liked to go.  I gently took her hands in mine, and continued to speak so she could follow my voice.  Once she found the back of the sofa in the room, she said she had 'found the big guy' and knew her way from there.  I admit I continued to spot her along the way, speaking so she'd know I was there, but she did it herself.  Sometime I must go back for the rest of the lesson.

"The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned" - Matt 4: 16.