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Light Up The Darkness

I saw "I Am Legend" this afternoon.  I wanted a movie fix, and this is one film we'd decided Chrissie probably wouldn't go see.  (It has to do with fearing about the fate of on-screen pets).  This is a story of an apocalyptic world, atleast in New York City.  Biological engineering has gone seriously awry to become a man-made plague, killing most of the population while turning the all the rest, but the one, into nasty monsters called "dark seekers".  The lone survivor, Robert Neville (Will Smith), somehow became immune to the airborne and contact strains of the virus to endure 'life' alone.  Recorded episodes of The Today Show (with Katie Couric no less) provide some semblance of affiliation, as do the sometimes amusing way mannequins are used to 'populated' Neville's world.  Having walked in some of those places depicted in this depleted NYC, I was intrigued how this world could decay so quickly.  While Neville has a companion with him, it is socialization that is missing in his life.  (And that's too bad for a man in such fine, fine shape.  No CGI there, ladies!  That is all Will Smith)  And yes, there is something terribly amiss in the darkness of the night, or the dark paths of any day, or even a life.  I thought there was an effective use of flashbacks to tell the story.  Thankfully that broke up some of the depair of a world gone bad.  

It's a morality play with sacrificial overtones and signs of redemption.  The recurring theme was "light up the darkness".  That's not a bad message to carrry away from a movie theatre.  One funny thing was Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" played over the final credits.  I didn't stay to see all of them, but when I arrived home and turned on the radio, the same song was playing.  Kinda weird.  Kinda cool.  

Okay everyone!  "Light up the darkness" with your presence, your essence, your caring, compassion and love.