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"Do Whatever He Tells You"

Our seminarian and newly ordained deacon, The Rev. Scott Peterson, shared from the pulpit today, Rabbis say "Without wine, there is no joy".

The wedding feast in Cana had run dry of wine.  Joy could be fleeting.  Jesus had almost chastised his mother for her suggesting he could do something to remedy the matter.  In response, the mother of Jesus tells the servants working the feast, "Do whatever he tells you".  The stone jars were filled, and then some was drawn off and presented to the steward.  Alas, what once was ordinary water had become life-giving and joy-filling wine.  And good wine it was.  

Good wine, gracious hospitality, a Godly blessing.  When we do as He tells us, great and wonderful things can come to pass.

Almighty Father, your Seeking Servant prays for guidance.  Amen.