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Things Found, Other Things Made New

Today, we spent the better part of the day reclaiming the 2nd bedroom upstairs as something other than the walk-in closet/storage space it had become, as well as recreating the den to make it comfortable and warm for both the people and beasts that are co-habitants here.

Sadly, down came the Christmas decorations.  But alas the living room was restored to its good and proper order.  Out in plastic trash bags went a lot of clutter from the bedroom upstairs, and up and in went the futon from the den.  In the den there are now new leather sitting chairs with ottomans, and two new dog beds for the boys.  The den is so warm and inviting now - all those books in the library might actually see some action.  

Why, just a little while ago, Chrissie was in the den curled up talking on the phone, and Tobias & Mulligan were lying on their appointed beds.  What a lovely picture it made.  Very satisfying!  Home is definitely where my heart is!  I love my life!  Thank you, God!