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A Reprieve

Today we began presenting Final Evaluations for CPE.  There's seven in our group, and five presented today.  It was Ladies Day.  The other guy and I present next Friday on the last day of our 20-week extended unit before a little commencement service in the GHBC Chapel.  I'm glad I didn't go today because I was not entirely comfortable with what I took to present.  In the scheme of things, it's probably fine, but it does go into a permanent file.  So Thank you, Lord for the time given, the time gotten, for the extra time I have.  I imagine my Supervisor is disappointed I didn't present after I remarked the first person set the bar so high.  E offered a thorough and comprehensive evaluation complete with excellent reflections on her part.  I believe my comment was "I'm intimidated by that" and he said "Good, but it is what it is".  Hmmmm.  Yes, I'll be taking another swing at it before next Friday.  

My Super will be emailing me his final evaluation draft for me later today.  We review it Monday.