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London John London Stevenson

That's a name from my past!

We were in Fairfax, going to meet family for dinner when I remembered him.  The Fuddruckers on Rte. 123 just off Rte. 50 was once a discotheque.  It was there we met over 19 years ago.  

Chrissie & I had met, partied and danced late into the night with "London John" and other colleagues visiting from the Visa offices in the U.K.  He'd visited three weeks before the tragedy.  John Charles Stevenson, age 38, died December 21,1988 when Pan Am 103 exploded and crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland.  His wife Geraldine and two daughters Hannah and Rachel were on the plane with him.  They were on their way to the States for 'holiday'.  One entire family.  Wiped out. 

In all, 270 people gone.  259 on the plane and 11 on the ground.

You never know just what you will remember or why.  I remember him.