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Lent Leads to Lots of Reading

It was an icy mess that paralyzed the Nation's Capital and nearby metropolitan areas last night.  Chrissie left her car at work, used Metro to get out of the city, and then her feet to get the rest of the way home.  Gone was any real possibility of me meeting her somewhere along the way to make her trek any less arduous.  Traffic just was not  moving much, if at all, for a long time last night.  So this morning, I drove her to work and came in to GHBC earlier than usual.

Therefore, I had plenty of time before 9am Chapel to make my morning reading and prayer time.  The appointed lessons and psalm for the Wednesday of the First Week of Lent was one set of readings, then Forward Day By Day had another set of readings; taking it to its extreme, Lesser Feasts and Fasts had yet other readings in conjunction with recognizing Absalom Jones.  That's plenty of reading during Lent.  It's good.  I was here and I had the time.