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We Are Family

Today's reading from The Gospel According to Mark (Mk 3: 19b-35) talks about how we all are members of one family in Christ Jesus.

At my birth, Derrill & Margaret took me as their third child, and Lyn and Deric, having no choice really, had me as their brother.  I am a Crosby.  I am happy and proud to be a Crosby, proud of my family, and eager to explore my heritage.  There is so much more to know though about this family of mine.

I was seven years old when my Dad returned from a long deployment at sea, and we went to St. Luke's Episcopal Church in East Greenwich, RI.  I was baptized as my father and older sister and brother were confirmed.  It seemed sudden to make this commitment, but I recall my father may have had one of those "Come to Jesus, You Be Frank and I'll Be Earnest" moments while out on his last mission.  Regardless, I am glad my father led me to a church family.  It was compelling if not altogether understood, however I was "sealed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism and marked as Christ's own for ever.  Amen."  

I was twenty-two when I asked Chrissie to become my wife.  When we married, in doing so, I took Grafton & Elesa as my Father and Mother-in Law, and Rod, Anne and Diane as my brother and sisters - now my family had grown by adoption through Holy Matrimony.  They are mine, and I am theirs.  Wacky, Weird and altogether Wonderful.

And Grace Church, Alexandria is my family in Christ too!  They love me, challenge me, cultivate me, console me.  The things they let me do:  Parishioner, Chorister & sometime Cantor, Lay Eucharistic Minister, a member of the Altar Guild and 2-time past President, a 3-time 3-year term Vestry member and 2-time past Senior Warden, Sunday School Teacher & Youth Group Leader, Education For Ministry (EFM) graduate, active Stephen Minister and current Bible Study convener.  In all things done and offered, hopefully reflecting the Love of Christ, and the Glory of God.   

All these things, and much more, have shaped me, influenced me, made me.  Good and Bad, but mostly good I think.  I am one man in this every widening family of God.

Dear People, Yes - We Are Family!  Thanks Be To God!