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Do So Even Without Straw

I found a hand-written journal I started two years ago.  In it is this reflection on today's OT lesson from Exodus 5:1-6;1.

          Bricks made with straw.
          Pharoah's task for the people of Israel.
          Being penalized for asking to go and make sacrifice to Yahweh
               straw is not provided.
          It must be gathered by the workers
               with no loss of brick made each day.

          Moses & Aaron fear they have hardened 
               Pharoah's heart toward the people.
          Yahweh declares the people will be released.

          Let the people go, Pharoah.
          Before it is too late - for you and yours - let the people go.

It never ceases to amaze me how when I turn to the Word of God, or something related to it, I receive instruction.  Today is no different.  The meditation in Forward Day By Day is about Moses questioning God - "Why did you ever send me?"  Today's writer says: "I find this heartening.  So many times I have done what felt like the right thing, done something even in obscure obedience to God, and had it all fall apart before my eyes. .... And so many times I learn that success is not a rabbit I pull out of a hat, that God moves in mysterious ways, that God is in charge.  This story reminds us that we are called, like Moses, not to get it right the first time, but to obey and persevere.  Not success, but trust, is what God asks".

God, give me strength to do what you would have me do.  Give me confidence to step out and walk the path you lay before me.  Abide with me always and instill in me that sense of peace about how you call me, what you call me to, and where and how you will use me.  You feed the hungry, heal the sick and infirmed, give sight to the blind, and through your death and resurrection, raise the dead to new life in you.  I know that 'With God, all things are possible'.  Please open my heart, mind, body and soul to the possibility you have in mind for me. 

Almighty Father, your seeking servant prays for guidance.