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Carrying Forth The Word Of God

Today started early cooking breakfast at home for the Bible Study to carry in.  Being the Saturday before Palm Sunday, a number of activities all clammored for the same space in the auditorium area: the Altar Guild Palm-breaking crew and an activities day for children.  So we agreed to move the Breakfast Bible Study downstairs to the St. Mathew Room.  Other than cooking an urn of coffee, getting fixins for hot tea and gathering plates, utensils and napkins, we carried everything else in:  Southwestern eggs with cheese, heat & serve sausage links, veggie 'sausage' patties and croissants.  Yummy!  (But since we've gone back to a low-carb diet, there were no croissants for the boy today).  :(  

The BBS downstairs worked fine.  We had a small group today.  Our scripture focused on the sayings of Jesus from Luke 17: 1-10.  We heard about sin (complete with a millstone "necklace" reference from The Message), faith like a mustard seed, and duty as loyal servants who do not seeking accolades for doing what we are called to do.  Afterward, I went upstairs to join the fray preparing palms.  I could wash palms, but there's only so much room in the kitchen at the sink, and there were plenty of elbows and backsides already at work.  I'm not much of a stripper/clipper type so I agreed to use my lower-level math skills (counting) to separate out the quantities of palms needed for the activities, liturgies and tomorrow's services.  I made pretty quick work of that, and then I asked to be excused.

Heading out, it was such a nice day.  With glorious sun with a nice cool breeze, I decided to hoof it home.  Alas, I hadn't sent my three bibles with Chrissie so I had them to tote them with me.  Okay.  No sweat.  They're really not that heavy.  (7.0 lbs per my scale once I got home)  So I started out with two bibles in one hand and a third in the other hand.  When I passed a woman walking her dog on Russell Road, I imagined her relief that I didn't stop to proselytize to her from scripture.  As I headed up the long winding hill of Monticello, the image of 'carrying home the word of God' popped into my head.  And while the books began to feel heavy in my hands, I found I had picked up the pace of my walk.  Yes, I was huffing and puffing a bit.  But I continued to put one foot in front of the other, journeying onward and upward, making my way.  I finally reached the top of the hill and a more level walk as I turned the corner to head home.  I had worked up a good lather.  It was a good walk.  And God's Word was with me all the way. 

Lord, I pray I carry your word about sin & forgiveness, greater faith and dutiful servanthood in my heart, mind, body and soul always and everywhere.