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Five Things Today

1.  Chrissie surrendered her parking pass this week so I'm her driver in to work.
2.  Being St. Patrick's Day, I had a hankering all day long for Corned Beef and Cabbage.  Since I'm Scottish, I refrained.
3.  I walked a gentle half round of golf at East Potomac Park at Hains Point.  It's a great deal - $12 for nine holes walking a course in the middle of our Nation's Capital with lovely architecture and/or monuments nearby.  I played okay - bogey golf.  That's not too bad for my 2nd nine of the new season.  I carried my bag so that was my exercise for the day.   
4.  When I finished about 5:30 p.m.-ish, I called Chrissie to offer her a ride home from work.  Good timing on my part! 
5.  I'm excited "Dancing with the Stars" is back!  This is my kind of reality TV.  Tonight it was the guys' turn.  Based on tonight, I'd have to say Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins (I'm sure our friend Beth is watching this season) and R&B singer Mario are the front-runners.  The ladies dance tomorrow night.  I'm pulling for Marlee Matlin and Monica Seles.  


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Mar. 18th, 2008 11:48 am (UTC)
you not only REFRAINED from "irish food" you ate an entirely orange dinner. that deserves some mention!
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