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Hockey Lingo

While watching the Capitals match vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight, I picked up some hockey jargon:

     "twig" = hockey stick
     "biscuit" = hockey puck 
     "biscuit in the basket" = the puck hitting the back of the goal net
     "sin bin" = penalty box
     "elder statesman" = veteran player
     "chicklets" = teeth
     "deke" = fake an opponent out of position
     "digger" = a hard working player who skates into the 'corners' to regain possession of the puck. 
     "five hole" = a shot between the goalie's legs
     "lumber" = hockey stick (see "twig" above)

Washington is victorious, 4-1.  One more win Saturday night and they're in the Stanley Cup playoffs!  LET'S GO CAPS!!


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Apr. 4th, 2008 11:16 am (UTC)
If I may - a few more of my faves:
'lit the lamp' 'tickled the twine' 'organ-I-zation' (although thats more Canadian I guess eh?) 'he came up large in his own building'.
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