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Well, Ring-a-Ding!

A wonderfully dear man, The Rev. Churchill J. Gibson, Jr., died this morning after a long battle with liver cancer.


I imagine anyone who had the pleasure and good fortune to meet and/or know Churchill has a favorite story by which to remember him.  Churchill was one of the clergy when we teamed together on a Cursillo weekend at the 4-H Center in Front Royal, VA.  One evening, after another cha and I sat for a moment in the great room, Churchill came in and joined us.  As he sat down and threw his head back to relax, there was a pause, and then he said, "Well, ring-a-ding!"  One of the rector's bells stolen earlier during the weekend was sitting atop one of the wooden beams overhead.  We might never have found the bell if Churchill hadn't plopped down and looked up.  I treasure that moment.

         God loves the world.
         God loves us.
         God loves you.
         I love you.
         God loves me.
         I love me.
         Thanks be to God.
     (Churchill's Shouting Prayer)