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"What a lon-n-n-n-n-g strange trip it's been!"

Pardon me while I channel some Grateful Dead here, but it feels apropos.

I spoke with the Director of Admissions at VTS seeking information to help me complete my application.  I finally called after a series of email exchanges back and forth today were cumbersome at best.  I found her to be delightful, helpful, and in some ways, frankly direct.  I explained my discernment with my committee should complete (hopefully) before month end and that a Postulancy interview would not happen until November at the earliest.  She stopped me saying, "Perhaps this fall is not the session you should be applying to seminary".  When I shared the 'direction' my priest had received from the diocesan office, she questioned the advice given.  In her words, she said it sounded like "Sure.  Go ahead.  Apply.  Take a chance".  Apparently, based on where I am in this process, I would need a strongly worded letter of support from The Bishop to receive any consideration from VTS. 

Hmmm.  Okay then.    

I'm not sure homey wants to play this game.  I heard a screech, but didn't feel a thud.  Maybe slow's the way to go.  Still.

Almighty Father, your seeking servant prays for guidance.


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Apr. 17th, 2008 09:13 am (UTC)
Part Time Special Student
You could apply as a Part Time Special Student. That's how I'm going now, and it's great. I've gotten to meet a bunch of students and to know a couple of different teachers and which classes are good and which should be avoided.

That all being said, you should at least go to the Fall Ministry Conference which is where I met some great people and get a real idea of the campus and what's involved.
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