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A Shot in the Arm

Never before do I remember a shot in the arm hurting so badly for so long.  Ouch!

As part of my physical yesterday, I received a vaccine new to me.  It seemed harmless,  A needle to the deltoid muscle of my right shoulder.  I didn't notice the growing pain until later in the afternoon.  By last night, I could hardly lift my arm and it hurt to rub my shoulder.  I've never had issues with prolonged pains from shots.  Until now.  Maybe it hurts because I'm right-handed.  Thankfully, it is beginning to subside but it is a real nuisance when you want to lie on your right side and can't because pressure on the sore spot is too great!  Heat and Tylenol, tylenol and heat.  Jeesh!  What a wimp I am!  I even remembered to relax before the nurse stuck me.  Perhaps in trying to relax, I actually tensed up instead.  Who knows?!  The handout about the vaccination suggested it was one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" shots (or at least until I turn 65).  I'll be on the lookout for this one if my doctor suggests it again.

This nagging pain seems like a metaphor for my frustration with The Process.  There are some who would have me press on.  But the Big Old Seminary told me it may be challenging and problematic.  I feel there are enough hoops to jump through without making it anymore difficult than it already is.  I'll think let the process be what it always has been.  Complete Discernment.  Prayerfully consider where God is calling me and to what.  If it is right to do so, apply for Postulancy.  And, if accepted, go to seminary.  Next year.

My arm will be fine.  God will wait.  So will I.        


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Apr. 18th, 2008 02:25 pm (UTC)
Hopefully the love and support of those around you is a good shot in the arm! :) love ya Man!
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