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Pastoral Care Telenet

Oh, how I wish I could have been in Boston today!  Patriot's Day!  

It was the running of the 102nd Boston Marathon.  

One family.  Two runners.  The Malms' Marathon.  B+ (da Rector) and his older daughter L both ran today.  And finished.

L, dutiful wife and mother that she is, sat near the Finish Line, waiting for her road warriors to run up, catch a hug & kiss, and then finish.  When I realized L would be there alone, I made it my pastoral mission to stay in touch and keep her aware of the runner's progress.

If I wasn't on the phone with her, I was working the B.A.A. Marathon Tracker to verify the runners were still moving, and sending out email updates to members of Grace Church. In all other times, I prayed.  Prayer is powerful.  And I know I wasn't the only one praying.  

All is well, and to the victors belong the spoils.  Food and drink at the Bull & Finch!

Cheers, indeed!