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The Weekend Wrap

The weekend began Friday evening with me finishing my read of "Prince Caspian".  I swore to not go see the movie without having first read the book.  I would characterize the book itself as "it's a journey, not a destination" - there's a whole lot of getting there, only to have all the big action wrapping up the story in the last 30-40 pages.  It'll be interesting to see how much liberty Disney took with the story.  The previews and trailers suggest to me they worked it over.  A lot.

Early Saturday morning, we went to church for the monthly Breakfast Bible Study.  It was a small group this time which I'll call "David and his harem".  This group has typically been mostly women, with one or two other men besides myself.  That's okay.  This time we considered Ephesians 6:10-20 and putting on "the whole armor of God".  One woman, talking about the reading, what she'd heard the group sharing, and how God may be calling her to change, said "I've always thought of myself as a grain of sand on a beach, but I think God is calling me to be a boulder".  WOW!

After a brief respite back home, we picked up a power washer from a friend to clean the deck and whatever else, and then went back to Home Depot for 12 more bags of mulch.  Heart Of My Heart had a vision for how she wanted the backyard done, so I helped tote bags to strategic spots and then got out fo her way.  After the mulch was down, we alternated working over the deck with the power washer.  That led to washing windowsills, the front stoop and stairs, and the gutters wherever we could get to them.  The house looks much better for our efforts.  Maybe we'll be ready to host family and friends next weekend afterall.

After a few beers, a little rest, some Tylenol and a shower, we went to see "Iron Man".  I loved it!  Robert Downey, Jr. was perfect for the part, and I can't wait for the next installment.  A quick bite before, and a visit to our favorite watering hole after, then home for cuddling, loving and sleep.

Sunday morning was church, followed by a lovely reception for the departing Hispanic missioner priest who had served our La Gracia community for many years, a quick sit-down with a couple of the Sunday School kids, then off to Home Communion (HC) visits.  When I went up to receive a pyx of communion wafers for my visits, I was the only Lay Eucharistic Minister at the altar rail (with other 'visiting' LEMs serving at that service).  The HC coordinators assumed Heart Of My Heart (HOMH) would go along with me like last month.  But we had been invited to a birthday brunch after church for a good friend, so I dropped her off before I went out.  That's the first time I've flown solo for HC visits.  It felt different, but okay.  It gave me a small glimpse of what priests do all the time when they call on parishioners at home or in hospital.  They often go alone.  But I had the very real sence God was with me.  So alone I was not.

After some good company, food and games with friends, we came home.  I updated the Bible Studay distribution list, emailed the chaplains at GHBC to request they visit a new resident, and advised the Rector some folks I visited hope he'll go to see them sometime soon.  Then I took a nap.  HOMH was kind to let me sleep.  I needed it.  I think I had just read a blog entry from someone saying God wanted her to rest, and she wanted to be obedient.  I took my cue from her.  Later, a little re-arranging of furniture and some vacuuming before dinner.

Tomorrow is the Requiem for a high school friend's mother.  I wrote about B before.  I'm honored the family asked me to serve at the altar to celebrate her life with us and her new life in Christ.  Afterwards, beginning in the later afternoon into the evening, I go back to school.  I'm begun questioning my wisdom (or lack of it) scheduling back-to-back 3 hour lectures two nights a week.  But what the heck.  It's only for 6 weeks, right?  Yikes!  Please pray for me.   


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May. 19th, 2008 03:02 pm (UTC)
OK, you could've left the "cuddling and loving" part out....*shudders*
May. 20th, 2008 04:15 pm (UTC)
Prince Caspian
I saw Prince Caspian yesterday. They did take liberties with the storyline, but it was still enjoyable.
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