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Back To School

And so it begins!  The big "Going Back To School" Experiment began last night.  So far, so good!  

The first class is Religions of the World I: Eastern Religious Traditions.  Course credit will include regular journal work (20%: 1 hour for each class); a Field Trip and summary report  (20%: to a nearby temple, meditation center,  ashram, ...); a 15-minute class presentation (20%); and the Final (40%: 2-hour, take-home, open book) Essay Exam.  We have a lot of diversity in the class of 16, however no Buddhist or Hindu.  I like the instructor - she's a graduate of VTS.  We met for the full time allotted: 3.5  hours (with a brief break to find caffeine).  When we returned, we viewed an interesting video about primal traditions, "Power of Myth: The First Storytellers" (from a Bill Moyers series with Joseph Campbell).  It was very informative and thought-provoking.  There's plenty of reading for this class.  She said she owned us for 6 weeks!   

My other class (right after the first - what was I thinking?) is Introduction to Philosophy I.  The professor is a bit of an odd duck, with some funny mannerisms.  I hope he'll keep my attention by that alone.  He strikes me as someone who enjoys the sound of his own voice.  Thankfully, he didn't keep us for the full time last night.  This course focuses on three aspects of Philosophy: Metaphysics, Epistemology and Ethics.  The reading, albeit less than the other class, will be "much more dense", i.e., harder!  Credit will be based 50-50 between the Mid-Term and Final Exam (essays where he will provide a batch of questions to prepare for, then select a few for each exam).  Okay.  Fair enough.  He stressed that regular attendance and active participation, and not using electronic devices during class (texting via cell phones), could earn extra credit.  I think I'll need that!  I can say more on this later, but I am the oldest student in this class.  By far! 

My first homework assignment (besides reading for both classes) is a ROTW journal assignment responding to the following questions:  Why have I registered for this course at this time in my life?  What in my background puts this course on my plate right now?  What do I want to learn?  What questions do I seek the answers to?  What are my expectations?  

It'll be interesting.  Maybe I'll share my journal entry later.  Now, I need to ready to visit my resident friend at GHA.  Peace!